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How did Mahakal T Shirt Help to Feel Peacefulness From Your Inner Side?

Mahakal T Shirt - Punjabi Adda

Enchanting designs of Mahakal T Shirt have a strong aura of health, radiance, and powerful strength. Lord Shiva is the most Fascinating God and whoever is beyond Time and Death is Mahakal.

Mahakal T Shirt is a versatile T shirt with pure cotton fabric making it a breathable and relaxed fit. and available in different amazing colors and sizes. You can wear it casually and dress up in religious places for religious rituals like Mahashivratri Pooja and during Monday Fast.

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Mahakal T Shirt - Punjabi Adda

Mahakal is also a name of Lord Shiva’s principal attendants and Nandi. Lord Shiva applies three Horizontal lines on his forehead made from ash or Vibhuti called Tripundra. It is a symbol of purification, rejuvenation and destruction and Red dot in center of Tripundra symbolizes Shakti.

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Mahakal T Shirt is typically depicted in black color. Just as all colors are absorbed into black all names and forms are said to be melt into Mahakal.

Mahakal T Shirt - punjabiadda

Design of T shirt will remind you of Lord Shiva, the destroyer of evils and destroyer of death. Nothing can be better than this Mahakal T shirt for Lord Shiva devotees. By wearing this t shirt devotees who do earnest prayers to Shiva are relieved from Karmas, and thus attain Moksha/liberation. You can gift this Mahakal T Shirt to family-friends. You may try this with sports shoes and slippers.

Mahakal Hoodie - Punjabi Adda

Mesmerizing print of Mahakal Hoodie is the great way for people for focusing and concentration. When you wear this you will feel peacefulness from your inner side and flow of positive energy with you. Positivity in this Mahakal Hoodie  attire will definitely help you to make your day completely successful.

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Lord Shiva is the Supreme member of Trimurti (Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva). Even Kaal fears Lord Shiva, he is called Mahakal. He is the God of Destruction. He is enchanting and can draw attention of variety of people towards him.

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Mahakal or Mahadev is also called Bholenath, Rudra at the same time. You will watch three lines print on Mahakal Hoodie. Lord Shiva applies three lines of bhasam or ash on his forehead represents and protect against all evil forces.

  •         The 3 gunas namely Rajas, Tamas and Sattva.
  •         Trikaldarshi(who knows past, present and future).
  •         Trinetra( three eyes of God).

Mahakal Hoodie - punjabiadda

On this Mahadev Printed Hoodie you can also watch a Red dot in the center of three lines representing the Shakti. By wearing this high-quality Mahakaal Hoodie and putting your hands in your pockets it feels like someone is protecting you.

This Mahakal Hoodie is in the great demand because of enchanting written pattern in Devnagiri with the White color selection makes it different from others.

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You can try this Mahadev Printed Hoodie with smart Joggers and sports shoes. You may wear it in your social gatherings and Pilgrims travelling.

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