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Watch Karan Aujla Performing Live in Upcoming USA Tour 2022, To Also Release A New Song

Watch Karan Aujla Performing Live in Upcoming USA Tour 2022

Karan Aujla is one of the famous singers from the Punjabi Industry. He has been known as a superb live performer since he started his career as a singer. No wonder his fans attend and enjoy his concerts to the fullest. Are you ready to hear some good news now?
Here you go. For sharing the good news with his followers, he decided to go live on Instagram. It’s for the first time he is going to make a live performance in the USA in April-May 2022.

His followers are too excited and can’t wait to hear him live. It’s been a while since they last listened to him. There are rumours that Karan Aujla will release a new track before going on a  trip to the USA.

Coming back to his upcoming gig in the USA, the people of the USA can no longer wait to see Karan Aujla singing live. Don’t miss the opportunity to watch him performing live. Make the most of it and make every minute count in the forthcoming event. Don’t forget to capture this moment of fun, excitement, and relaxation.

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There is another update Aveera Singh Masson is planning to team up with Karan Aujla. Is it happening for real? There could be a possibility that the song Karan is coming up with could feature Aveera. We can’t confirm until there is an official announcement across Social Media Platforms.

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