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What was the intention behind Sidhu Moosewala’s statement? Was that really related to Garry Sandhu?

Sidhu vs Garry - Big Controversy - Punjabi Adda

Sidhu Moose Wala & Garry Sandhu are two different, well-known singers who are lately the talk of the town. The audience attempts to figure out whether the statement Sidhu made in May 2021, was in relation to Garry’s disturbed throat or not. 

In May, Garry Sandhu revealed his affected voice due to excess alcohol consumption and many other reasons. He had already recorded a few songs before he made an upsetting disclosure. Apparently, those songs will be the last songs of his life. Later, he released a collection of pieces of music and named it Adhi Tape.

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Sidhu Moose wala, on the other hand, recently went live on Instagram to have a friendly chat with his fans. While Sidhu was in conversation with his followers, he told his fans he was in no condition to create songs because of his damaged vocal cords. He furthermore said his swelling throat was causing him some difficulties in speaking. 

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After Sidhu had brought his throat condition to his fans’ attention, he supported the artist for not making the secret of his damaged vocal cords known to the public. He appreciated him for keeping the secret to himself by not playing the sympathy card.

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There have been conjectures about Garry since Sidhu lately made the statement. He didn’t mention the artist name but praised him for his sincerity towards his profession instead. What made you think when you heard Sidhu live? Was he implicitly talking about him, or was that just a random statement?

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