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Top 10 Ap Dhillon Songs – Most Popular Punjabi Star

Top AP Dhillon Song - punjabi adda

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Punjabi music is something we all party with. Maybe you don’t understand Punjabi but you can certainly get down to it. Serving as the best part of parties, Punjabi music is not to be ignored.

Nowadays, people all over the world listen to Punjabi music but we especially want to play this AP Dhillon song because we love his voice and his style.

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For AP Dhillon fans, the song Bown Munde is iconic. Chances are you’re an AP Dhillon fan if you still haven’t tired of the song.

Brown Munde

“Brown Munde” was released on September 18, 2020, and the song was written by Shinda Kahlon. It is sung by AP Dhillon and produced by GMINXR. The video is directed by Conrad Jay and has crossed over 300 million views on YouTube. If You are a Fan of AP then Brown Munde T Shirt is a perfect following by fans.

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The song “Excuses” was released last year on July 24th and are still a favorite on people’s playlists. The music for the song was done by Intense, with AP Dhillon and Gurinder Gill singing. The video for the song is directed by HzDz Visuals and has over 34 million views on YouTube.

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“Arrogant” is a song sung by AP Dhillon ft. Shinda Kahlon, released on Jan 10, 2020. The song was written by Shinda Kahlon and music was given by GMINXR and Mix & Master by Bauss P. For the video, Shoot XN Sight directed. It has over 9 million views on YouTube.


Out of all of his songs, this is many people’s favorite. This music has rhythms at the highest level and should be included on any house party playlist.

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Most Wanted 

The song ‘Most Wanted’ was released on March 6th, 2020. The song was written by Yash G and sung by AP Dhillon & Gurinder Gill. The music was given by GMINXR with the mix and mastering done by AP Dhillon. The video is directed by Shoot XN Sight and crossed over 10 million views on YouTube.


Majhail, a Punjabi song, was released on Jun 19, 2020. Written by Shinda Kahlon and sung by AP Dhillon ft. Gurinder Gill, the music is given and mixed by Manni Sandhu. The video is directed by Shoot Xn Sight & G Visuals and has earned over 40 million views on youtube.

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Saada Pyaar

This song has over 15 million views on YouTube. This is a slow song, but if you are going through heartbreak, you might enjoy it.

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This is an energizing song, perfect for a long drive and even a house party. It has gone viral with 20,717,579 views on YouTube. Released this year, the song is already popular on social news sites.


The song Deadly was released on Apr 17, 2020, by RUN UP records. AP Dhillon wrote and sang the song with GMINXR and Shoot XN Sight as the music director and mixer respectively. The video crossed over 10 million views on youtube


The G.O.A.T song was released on Dec 28, 2020, and sung by AP Dhillon and Gurinder Gill. The music was written by Money Musik and the video was directed by Shoot on Sight, Sahil Sharda, with 14 million views on youtube.

Drop Top 

A song called Drop Top was released on May 22, 2020, on the Run-Up Records label. It was written by AP Dhillon and sung by AP Dhillon with music created by GMINXR. The video for the song has been directed by Shoot Xn Sight & G Visuals and views so far total 16 million.


Tareef is an extremely popular song on Instagram reels. In the last month, it has been trending for a long time. On YouTube, the official video has received over 4.5 lakh views.

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