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Kade Dade Diyan Kade Pote Diyan: Humorous Trailer Out With Exciting Turns & Twists

Kade Dade Diyan Kade Pote Diyan Humorous Trailer Out With Exciting Turns & Twists - Punjabi Adda Blog

Since the announcement of this punjabi movie, people had been anxiously awaiting the trailer as the quirky title piqued everyone’s curiosity. Now that it is out, we are able to catch a glimpse of what is going to take place in the movie. The trailer alludes to a love story between Harish and Simi, who desperately want to tie the knot. However, their plan gets thwarted by Simi’s grandmother. This leads Harish to wish for her death in order for them to be together. With her demise, he believes that his path now clears but there is even more adventure in store for him as her ghost appears and threatens their union.

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The anticipation for the upcoming movie of Harish Verma and Simi Chahal, one of Punjabi cinema’s most beloved and hit Jodis, has grown as they wowed audiences in Golak Bugni Bank Te Batua. The trailer for their upcoming film, Kade Dade Diyan Kade Pote Diyan, has made everyone laugh out loud with its comic storyline.

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The audience is anxiously awaiting the release of the movie to discover what exactly Dada Dadi’s role will be for Harish and Simi. Whether they will help both get married or what kind of drama will transpire can only be revealed after the audience watches it in theatres. In addition, the poster of the movie had an interesting connection between Harish Verma & Simi Chahal and B.N. Sharma & Jatinder Kaur as Kathputli have a strong bond between them.

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The upcoming punjabi movie feature Harish Verma, Simi Chahal, B.N. Sharma, Jatinder Kaur, Sukhwinder Chahal, Anita Devgan, Dheeraj Kumar, Ashok Pathak, Sumit Gulati, Seema Kaushal, Parkash Gadhu, Neha Dayal and Kamaldeep Kaur plus Gurpreet Kaur Bhangu in its cast. The production is done by Jatinder Singh Lovely while Dheeraj Kumar and Karan Sandhu share co-producer duties. Laada Siyan Ghuman directs the film from a script authored by Dheeraj Kumar & Karan Sandhu with Gurcharan Singh providing the background score. It’s Rhythm Boyz Entertainment that will bring out the movie into cinemas on July 14th 2023.

Enjoy The Trailer Here


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