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Canadian Sikh Man Breaks World Record For Longest Beard Video Viral!

Canadian Sikh Man Breaks World Record For Longest Beard Video Viral! - Punjabi Adda Blog

In 2008, Sarwan Singh, a resident of Surrey, British Columbia, broke his own Guinness World Record by having the longest male beard. Since he was 17 years old, Singh has been growing facial hair, earning the record title with his beard measuring 7 feet and 8 inches long. His beard was updated in 2010 when it measured 8 feet and 2.5 inches long. Singh’s latest measurement is 8 feet and 3 inches.

Singh’s beard is an essential symbol of his Sikh faith, and he never cuts it. For accuracy in measurement, it was wetted for the length. Every morning, Singh unfurls his facial hair into a tub and soaks it. He then thoroughly washes each strand from the top down with shampoo before conditioning and finally rinsing it off. Once dry, it is combed and kept in place with oil or gel by tying his beard into a knot with cloth.

An Instagram video shared by Guinness World Records of the longest beard on a living person has gone viral with over 551k views and 34k likes. “A user commented, “That beard is longer than the tallest living person”. In response, GWR replied, “by 0.2 inches!” Another user replied, “He hasn’t cut his beard ever since I was born!” A third added, “Congratulations Sardar Ji.”

In Singh’s opinion, the hair is one of the most important articles of faith for a Sikh, and without it, a Sikh is not considered a Sikh. He believes that maintaining his beard is a challenge, but he enjoys it, believing that it is a blessing from God.

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