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Chal Jindiye Punjabi Movie Review: Struggles Of People Living Abroad With Unique Moral Thought

Chal Jindiye Punjabi Movie Review - Punjabi Adda Blog

The highly anticipated movie ‘EJDK Chal Jindiye’ has finally hit cinema halls, much to the delight of Punjabi cinema enthusiasts. In this article, we will be reviewing the movie, starting with the credits. The story of ‘Chal Jindiye’ was written by Jagdeep Warring, and it features Neeru Bajwa, Jass Bajwa, Kulwinder Billa, Aditi Sharma, Gurpreet Ghuggi, and Rupinder Rupi in leading roles, under the direction of Uday Pratap Singh.

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Star Performer

Jass Bajwa - Chal Jindiye Punjabi Movie Review

Despite having multiple stars, the movie is not affected by the “too many cooks spoil the dish” issue. Each character is given enough screen time to highlight their character arc and present their narrative. Aditi Sharma and Kulwinder Billa’s portrayals of young students who live to enjoy every moment are refreshing, while Jass Bajwa and Neeru Bajwa’s portrayal of two mature adults steal the show with their sensibility and vulnerability.

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Star Performance - Chal Jindiye Punjabi Movie Review

The story and concept of “Chal Jindiye” set it apart from other Punjabi movies that have portrayed the youth’s desire to move abroad. This film delves deeper into the challenges faced by those living overseas and depicts the stories of individuals who long to return to their roots. Jagdeep Warring has done an excellent job creating a movie filled with raw emotions and realistic events.

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Story - Chal Jindiye Punjabi Movie Review

“Chal Jindiye” is a must-watch film for several reasons, as it raises the bar for the Punjabi film industry. The movie portrays the personal journeys of its characters, each of which has a unique story to tell. Additionally, the film is distinct from typical Punjabi movies, offering something refreshing and novel to audiences. Punjabi Adda rates the movie 4.5 stars.

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Gurpreet Ghuggi - Chal Jindiye Punjabi Movie Review


However, the length of the film was the only drawback of the cinematic experience, and better editing could have made the movie more engaging and crisper. Despite this, the film’s overall execution was exceptional. according to the report Day, 1 collection on Friday is approximately 0.35 Cr In India.

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