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Gaslight Movie Review: Sara Ali Khan Talent To Truly Excel But Chitrangda Singh, Vikrant Massey Not Do The Same!

Gaslight Movie Review Sara Ali Khan Talent To Truly Excel But Chitrangda Singh, Vikrant Massey Not Do The Same! - Punjabiadda Blog


As an estranged daughter, Meesha (Sara) returns to her father after a letter requesting her return. Upon arriving, she is welcomed by her stepmother, who has her own motives. A couple of spooky events follow, and Meesha suspects foul play has taken place.

Except for the fact that her mother committed suicide and she survived an accident, we don’t know much about Meesha’s past. “How come she doesn’t have a digital footprint”, wonders her stepmother (Chitrangada Singh). In the palace, Meesha begins experiencing paranormal activities, fearing her father could have been murdered. What lies beneath this royal mystery? Will Meesha be able to unravel it?

Story Script Review

Gaslight Movie Review Sara Ali Khan Talent To Truly Excel - Punjabiadda Blog

How does a thriller work? Gaslight has all the ingredients you need for a thriller: eerie surroundings, creepy paintings, an old, rustic haveli, dark screen tone, an alleged murder, and the main character who looks neat but gives you andar se haivaan vibes. In addition, there is an odd combination of Sara Ali Khan, Chitrangda Singh, and Vikrant Massey unraveling mysteries in a haveli. But is there one in the first place?

Gaslight tries to create a horror movie vibe in the beginning that reminds you of Alfred Hitchcock’s Pyscho set in a modern setting. When it’s all dark and raining outside, we justify the courage of a paraplegic woman to explore a creepy-looking mysterious palace by saying, ‘sirf filmon mein hota hain’.

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Gaslight features some captivating elements of a thriller – eerily grandiose palaces, an isolated young woman, a notorious family member and uncovered truth. It is an adequate thriller, although the climax may disappoint due to its convenience. The supposed suspenseful unveiling of a mystery fails to deliver as it quickly becomes predictable and loses momentum. In addition, the lack of inner conflict and rationalization weakens the plot.

Star Performer 

Gaslight Movie Review Sara Ali Khan Talent To Truly Excel - Punjabi Adda Blog

There appears to have been a homework assignment for the cast to watch all possible direction Whodunits so they could replicate their performances in this film. In the role of Meesha, Sara Ali Khan doesn’t do anything new. Her emotional scene and the jump scares don’t land well.

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Sara Ali Khan has the talent to truly excel, if only she was offered better roles. Gaslight provides ample opportunity for her to showcase her range, yet she is limited in terms of dramatisations; you can only watch her struggle with the same expression for so long before feeling sorry for her. Chitrangda Singh’s character began as one of the best-written, however it quickly diminishes in importance during its second half, which is a huge let down. Sadly, Oberoi, Sharma and Dev are simply treated as props despite having potential to have more substantial parts.

Overall Review


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It’s easy to solve a murder mystery in two hours with Gaslight, and you’ll get a pat on the back if you do it right the first time. Sara and Vikrant, if you like them as actors, might end up feeling bad for them because this is not one of their best performances. the narrative doesn’t let them shine. Gaslight is now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

Best Part: Vikrant Massey is making this all look fresh. DOP Rahul Dharuman is experimenting with new visuals with restrictions.

Weak Part: It’s the same old blueprint that makes things so predictable.

Recommendation: This movie is worth watching if you don’t have any other options and want to find some merit in a film directed by a filmmaker with Phobia in his filmography.

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