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Pols Aagai Pols: Kangana Ranaut Warns Diljit Dosanjh For Supporting Khalistanis

Pols Aagai Pols Kangana Ranaut Warns Diljit Dosanjh For Supporting Khalistanis - Punjabi Adda Blog

Kangana Ranaut warned Diljit Dosanjh that he would soon be arrested on Twitter and Instagram.
Kangana Ranaut warned actor-singer Diljit Dosanjh amid a crackdown on radical Sikh preacher and Waris Punjab De chief Amritpal Singh by Punjab Police. According to a popular meme circulating these days, she used the phrase ‘pols aagai pols’.

Initially posted by Swiggy India, Kangana shared a post on Twitter and Instagram Stories showing various pulses with the phrase ‘pulse aagai pulse’. As a tweet, she tagged Diljit and wrote ‘just saying.’ On Instagram Stories, she added a Khalistan sticker, with the word crossed out, and added, “Diljit Dosanjh ji pols aagai pols.”

Khalistanis supported by her must remember the next number, pols aa chuki hai, and yeh woh waqt nahi hai, jab koi bhi kuch bhi karta tha. Desh ke saath gaddari ya tukde karne ki koshish ab mehengi padegi (Remember next in you. The police are here. It is impossible to do whatever you want anymore. Betraying the country or destroying it will cost you a lot).

Kangana Ranaut Warns Diljit Dosanjh For Supporting Khalistanis

There have been 114 arrests in this case, with the Punjab Police suspecting that there is an ISI angle and foreign funding involved. Kangana’s posts follow the arrest of Amritpal Singh and his aides on Saturday.

Kangana Ranaut Pokes On Diljit Dosanjh For Supporting Khalistanis

Asked by Ravneet Singh Bittu if Diljit supported Khalistanis in 2020, Diljit responded, “I have always stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the country and Punjab in times of need.”.

As for Kangana, Diljit and she feuded over social media in 2020 after he wrongly identified an old woman at a farmers’ protest as Bilkis, the face of Shaheen Bagh’s protest. He also responded to Kangana’s comments about him–that he had been told he wasn’t a Khalistani but didn’t say it. Diljit called it a drama.

Self-proclaimed patriots take to the airwaves and act as if they are responsible for building the nation. Punjabis have traditionally taken pride in their commitment to the country when called upon, and would do it again without any reservations. Regrettably, many of these same Punjabis use inflammatory language which misrepresents people. We saw this recently in Kangana Ranaut’s interview on Republic TV where she asked someone to prove that they weren’t Khalistani – demonstrating how some youngsters have been influenced by unrealistic concepts about Khalistan.

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