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Latest Punjabi Songs Released in August 2022

Latest Punjabi Songs Released in August 2022

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This list contains the top albums of August month, including singles and songs from new Punjabi Movies. Listing popular emotional songs as well as top trending Punjabi songs. The most recent releases and trending new music will help you stay updated with the industry trends and know what’s new for you, so check out these latest releases in 2022 and favorite these tracks to bone up on what’s hot for your playlist. You can download these latest Punjabi Songs on Djpunjab or Mr Jatt in Mp3 or Video. 

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Rabba - Latest Punjabi Songs Released in August 2022

Ranjit M Tewari has directed a Brand New Music Video featuring Akshay Kumar and Rakul Preet Singh, as part of his newly released Hindi Song from the movie Cuttputlli. This song is composed by Dr Zeus and lyrics are written by Omar Malik, with voice by Sukhwinder Singh lending throughout the video. Also, You Can Buy this Song Slogan Printed T Shirts in Pure Cotton. 

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Sheesha Lyrics by Karan Aujla is a newly released song with a Brand New Music Video by J Statik, and it was sung and storyboarded by Karan. It also contains music by J Statik, and the video was directed by Sagar Deol. Also, You Can Buy Customized Printed T Shirts from this song in Pure Cotton. 

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SalooQ - Latest Punjabi Song

The Brand New Punjabi Song from the movie “Moh” featuring Sargun Mehta and Gitaj Bindrakhia is called Salooq Lyrics by B Praak. B Praak has sung this Latest Punjabi Song, while the Songs’ Lyrics are written down by Jaani, with Music also given by B Praak, and this Brand New Music Video is directed by Jagdeep Sidhu.

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Meri Yaad - Latest Punjabi Song 2022

Gippy Grewal Song “Meri Yaad” with lyrics by Happy Raikoti is featured in the Punjabi movie “Yaar Mera Titliaan Warga,” combining music by Mixsingh and a Music Video directed by Vikas Vashisht. Also, You Can Buy Customized T Shirts from this song in Pure Cotton. 

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Din Shagna Da -Latest Punjabi Songs 2022

Gurnazar has sung the latest Punjabi song, which is also penned down by Gurnazar and features music by Gaurav Dev and Kartik Dev and is directed by Amit Sood (Photography) and Soul Stories India. Also, You Can Buy Customized Couple T Shirts from this song in Pure Cotton. 

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Nawa Nawan Pyaar - Latest Punjabi Songs 2022

Gippy Grewal, Tanu Grewal, Karamjit Anmol, and Raj Dhaliwal collaborated in “Yaar Mera Titliaan Warga” for the latest brand new Punjabi song, Nawa Nawa Pyaar. Happy Raikoti gave lyrics and mixsingh composed the music. The music video was directed by Vikas Vashisht. 

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Caran Caran - Latest Punjabi Songs 2022

New Punjabi song Caran Caran Lyrics by Parmish Verma. The latest Punjabi tune has been sung by Parmish, while the song lyrics have been written down by Laddi Chahal and the music is being given to him by Laddi Gill. With the direction or help of Parmish, who’s also filming the music video himself.

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Black Raat- Latest Punjabi Songs 2022

Black Raat Lyrics are a Punjabi Song from the album, “Man of the Moon.” Guru Randhawa has sung this latest Punjabi song while Black Raat Song Lyrics are penned down by him and Music is given by Sanjoy.


Moon Rise -Latest Punjabi Songs 2022

This is a Brand New Punjabi Song featuring Guru Randhawa that is sung by the artist himself and has its lyrics penned down by Guru Randhawa, with Music given by Sanjoy.


Fayaah Fayaah - Latest Punjabi Songs 2022

Guru Randhawa has created a new Punjabi song and the lyrics are courtesy of Guru Randhawa himself. The music for the song is given by Vee, with this teaser track from the upcoming album “Man Of The Moon”.


Tera Ki Khayal - Latest Punjabi Songs 2022

The brand new Punjabi song by Guru Randhawa is Tera Ki Khayal Lyrics, a song from their new album that was written and sung by Royal Maan and Guru Randhawa, and the music was given by Sanjoy.


“ABC Lyrics” by Garry Sandhu has a new Punjabi song with the vocals of Garry Sandhu and Legha. RapidShare, Inc. is an American technology company founded in 2004 that offers online storage through Web services and a publishing platform for digital media. Also, You Can Buy Customized Women T Shirts from this song in Pure Cotton for beautiful women. 

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Fayaah Fayaah - Latest Punjabi Songs 2022

Numb Lyrics by Khan Bhaini is the latest Punjabi song with lyrics written by Khan Bhaini and music given by Syco Style, and it is directed by Sahil Baghra and Jerry Batra.


Sab Kuchh - Latest Punjabi Songs 2022

Sab Kuchh Lyrical by B Praak is a new song featuring Sargun Mehta and Gitaj Bindrakhia that was released in the movie “Moh.” The lyrics for the song were written by Jaani, and the music was composed by B Praak with Jagdeep Sidhu directing. Also, You Can Make Your Couple T Shirts from this movie in Pure Cotton. 


Feel Safe - Latest Punjabi Songs 2022

Feel Safe Lyrics by Garry Sandhu is a brand new Punjabi song, with some beautiful lyrical work and sung by Garry Sandhu. The music for this latest Punjabi song has been composed by Kaler Habib.


Jhumke - Latest Punjabi Songs 2022

Karan Randhawa is the Brand New Punjabi Song from the album XYZ. This new song is sung by Karan with lyrics and music written down by Micheal. Rav Dhillon directed the music video for Jhumke. Also, for couples, we can make customized Couple T Shirts from this song in Pure Cotton. 


Hisab - Latest Punjabi Songs 2022

The latest Punjabi music video Hisab is sung by Karan Randhawa along with Cherry. The song was written by Sabba and has music co-composed by Meavin. This brand new music video is directed by Mr. Editor. Also, You Can Buy Customized Graphics T Shirts from this song in Pure Cotton. 


AAkad - Latest Punjabi Songs 2022

Aakad Punjabi song by IKKA is an official music video featuring Vishakha Raghav, Iza Setia and Shivani Taneja. IKKA and JSL Singh have sung this newest Punjabi song, while aakad song lyrics are penned down by Manjinder Brar. The music video was directed by Harsh Tripathi and Ashish Rai.


Dooron Dooron - Latest Punjabi Songs 2022

“XYZ”, a new album by Karan Randhawa also sung said music video. “Dooron Dooron Lyrics by Karan Randhawa” is written down by Micheal and composed by Showkidd, with lyrics being directed by Sunix Thakor. Also, You Can Buy Customized Slogan T Shirts from this song in Pure Cotton. 


“Jhanna Ton Paar Lyrics” is a song sung by Gurshabad for the Brand New Punjabi MovieLaung Laachi 2″, featuring Ammy Virk, Amberdeep Singh, and Neeru Bajwa. It’s sung by Gurshabad while the lyrics of “Lahore Song Lyrics” are written down by Uday Shergill, with Music composed by Desiroutz, and directed by Amberdeep Singh. Also, You Can Buy customized graphic t shirts women from this song in Pure Cotton. 


Ammy Virk has sung a brand new song in the movie “Laung Laachi 2,” titled Lahore Lyrics, which was penned by Kavvy Riyaaz with music given by Gaiphy and the music video is directed by Amberdeep Singh.


Mammacita - Latest Punjabi Songs 2022

“Mamacita Lyrics”, a song by Harnoor featuring “Harnoor”, is the latest punjabi song that has been released. Other credits of this song includes music by Jaymeet, lyrics by Rony Ajnali and Gill Machhrai with direction by Arsh Singh, Mandy Singh and Savvy Singh.


Nikaah - Latest Punjabi Songs 2022

Nikaah Lyrics by Ipsitaa is the Latest Punjabi Song from Ipsitaa and Rohit Khandelwal. This New Punjabi Song is sung by Ipsitaa and contains her own lyrics that were written by Jaani. The Music for this Brand New Music Video was composed & produced by Avvy Sra and its Directed by Mihir Gulati.


Karobar - Latest Punjabi Songs 2022

“Brand New Punjabi Song” featuring R Nait and Malvi Malhotra is the latest song to hit the market by Karobar Lyrics by R Nait themselves. With music given by MixSingh and a video directed by The James Only, this song takes the industry by storm.


Like Karda - Latest Punjabi Songs 2022

Punjabi hit album “The Boss Lady, ” Baani Sandhu sings the latest song from the album in her naturally sultry voice. The lyrics for Like Karda Song by Kaptaan are penned down by Kaptaan, with music and visuals given by Kidd.


“Blackberry Sap Lyrics” is a unique Punjabi Song about the present society, by Prem Dhillon. Prem Dhillon has created this latest hit song. Written by Prem Dhillon with Music composed by The Kidd, and Visuals from Roomi studios and Navkaran Brar


9-9 Mashukan by Sunanda Sharma is a Brand New Punjabi Song featuring Sunanda Sharma. Sunanda Sharma has sung this Brand New Punjabi Song while 9-9 Mashukan Song Lyrics are penned down by Jaani with Music given by Jaani, and directed by Mahi Sandhu and Joban Sandhu (B2gether Pros).


Photo - Latest Punjabi Songs 2022

Photo Lyrics by Nimrat Khaira is a Punjabi song featuring Nimrat Khaira and Arjan Dhillon. Arjan Dhillon wrote the lyrics for this Punjabi song, while Preet Hundal composed the music, with Photo Song Lyrics directed by Baljit Singh Deo.


Dekhi Dekhi - Latest Punjabi Songs 2022

Brand new Punjabi song, Dekhi Dekhi Lyrics by Parmish Verma, is featured on YouTube by ParmishVerma. Songs lyrics are written down by Laddi Chahal of the band – Shekh and music is given to it by a third person in it – Preet Chahal. It is directed for the first time ever.


Jind Mahi - Latest Punjabi Songs 2022

“Jind Mahi” by Oye Kunaal from the Punjabi movie features Sonam Bajwa, Ajay Sarkaria, and Gurnam Bhullar. Oye Kunaal has sung this Punjabi song, while the lyrics for “Jind Mahi” are written down by Raahi; the music is composed by Oye Kunaal too and the Brand New Music Video was directed by Sameer Pannu.


Allah Maaf Kre - Latest Punjabi Songs 2022

The latest Punjabi song from one of its best singers, Amrit Maan, is a slightly sad track with a message that promotes kindness and love. With lyrics by Amrit Maan and written by Shayari by Tehzeeb Hafi, this song has been given to our ears with music by Desi Crew, and the video was directed by Harry Singh and Preet Singh.


Big Men Chapter 3 - Latest Punjabi Songs 2022

R Nait, who writes songs and also features in them, has a new punjabi sad song that he both wrote the lyrics for and sang called Big Men Chapter 3 featuring Isha Sharma. Gurlez Akhtar and MixSingh have teamed up to provide the music for this song, which is currently being shot out by Dilsher Singh and Khushpal Singh (Tru Makers).


Cavier Lyrics by Diljit Dosanjh is the latest Punjabi Song featuring Diljit Dosanjh, with lyrics written by Raj Ranjodh, and Music given by Intense with this Brand New Music Video directed by Wahidpuria.

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