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Lehmberginni Review: A Complete Comedy Ride With Emotions And True Love

Lehmberginni Movie Review - Punjabi Adda Blog

Punjabi cinemas have given us many beloved rom-com for the entire family to enjoy, and Lehmberginni is sure to become part of this list. Starting off June with a beautiful tale, the stellar onscreen pairing of Ranjit Bawa and Mahira Sharma has charmed viewers with their chemistry, plus a unique concept that teaches morals as much as a love story. We’ve put together an in-depth review of this punjabi movie so you can get all the info without any spoilers!

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Story Overview

Lehmberginni Punjabi Movie Review - Punjabi AddaBlog

Lemberginni follows the story of Lehmber (Ranjit Bawa), who loves to cause a bit of mischief and fun during his childhood. But his parents become frustrated, so they send him away to England to stay with his sister. Unfortunately, he hasn’t changed any of his antics when he gets there. He falls in love with Ginni (Mahira Sharam) but then ends up lying about being a doctor. This deception creates all sorts of chaos for both Lehmber and Ginni, and the audience can witness the outcome by watching the film- will they stay together or go their separate ways?

Star Performance

Lehmberginni Punjabi Movie Review - Punjabiadda Blog

Ranjit Bawa has done an excellent job in carrying out his role throughout the film. His energy and comic timing were refreshing to see. The movie revolves around Ranjit Bawa’s character, which gives him more screen time.

While Mahira Sharma has comparatively little screen time, she has justified her role through her performance. She did her part admirably, but the viewers wanted to see more of her.

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Kimi Verma and Sarbjit Cheema were decent in their roles, and their chemistry was quite mesmerizing. 

It doesn’t matter what her character is or what the situation is, Nirmal Rishi never fails to impress. Gurteg Guri is always entertaining and funny.

A notable punjabi movie has been produced by the rest of the cast.

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Best Music

With its flawless music, the film’s soundtrack is versatile as well. Among the 9 songs in the film, 5 have already been released, and they have really impressed the audience once again, proving Ranjit Bawa’s connection with music. The songs were perfectly fit according to the situations enhancing the beauty of the film while capturing everyone’s hearts.

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Lehmberginni Punjabi Movie Review - Punjabiaddablog

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Movie Direction

Lehmberginni - Punjabi Movie Review - Punjabi Adda Blog

The story of the movie is quite simple as well as interesting. It gets a little confusing in the second half, but the director does a remarkable job executing it without causing chaos. A variety of locations have been chosen to captivate everyone’s eyes. Each character has been well-suited to their respective roles. Overall, Ishaan Chopra has done a commendable job in telling this story.

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Overall Review

Punjabi Adda Team gives Lehmberginni 4.2 stars because it is an excellent family entertainer that gives a good lesson and is executed well. A star is shaved due to some dubbing issues which were clearly visible and unavoidable, and also because the story was a bit slow in the second half.

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