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Punjabi Singer Shubh’s Releasing His Debut Album On A Special Day

Punjabi Singer Shubh's Releasing His Debut Album On A Special Day - Punjabi Adda Blog

The prominent Punjabi singer and rapper Shubh who has made the audiences dance with his incredible tracks including We Rolling, Elevated, Baller, and many more to name is on the path to success and is receiving plenty of love from the audience for his work. With something new, he knows how to hook the audience and gain their attention better.

Now, the day has come for which Shubh’s fans were eagerly awaiting as he had finally revealed the name and release date of his upcoming debut album, which he announced when he released the song ‘Her’. On his Instagram stories, Shubh announced that his album would be released soon.

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According to Shubh, his debut album will be titled ‘Still Rollin’, and he has chosen the ideal time to release it. His album will be released on 19 May 2023, the stunning singer’s birthday. This is great news for his fans who are very eager to hear it.

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Now that the news has raised the bar and has created a buzz, the viewers cannot wait for the release of his album as they want to know more about the album, and the tracks it contains. With the release of the album, everything will now be revealed. Let’s see if any further details arrive before then enjoy the trailer of this album.

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