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Rani Mukerji’s Heart Wrenching Performance in Mrs Chatterjee Vs Norway Will Make You Weep

Mrs Chatterjee Vs Norway REVIEW Rani Heartwrenching Performance - Punjabi Adda Blog

Mrs Chatterjee Vs Norway, starring Rani Mukerji, is based on a true story. The movie tells the tale of Debika Chatterjee, an Indian mother who had settled with her husband and children in Norway. However, their lives were shattered when the nation’s Child Welfare Agency abruptly removed Shub and Suchi from the family home. Despite being labeled as mentally unstable by both her husband and her critics, Debika was determined to do whatever it takes to get her beloved kids back.

The agency has accused Debika Chatterjee of being an inadequate mother for engaging in traditional Indian practices like hand-feeding her children, sleeping in the same bed as them and wearing kajal tikka. It follows that they felt it was permissible to take the kids away without abiding by the usual procedures. After watching this film, one can’t help but be overwhelmed with emotion and impose several questions on the Norwegian government and country itself. Mrs Chatterjee Vs Norway evokes rage but also stirs up compassionate feelings.


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The movie Mrs Chatterjee Vs Norway follows the titanic struggle of a mother determined to reunite with her kids. With Ashima Chibber at the helm, the film packs an emotional wallop, captured in Rani Mukerji’s daring performance. Even I, a hardened crier, was moved to tears. My dearest friends weren’t so lucky and were awash with emotion throughout; it’s clear this production carries remarkable impact! So, don’t forget your tissues when you go and watch it.

As a result of watching Mrs Chatterjee Vs Norway, I have gained a deeper understanding of motherhood. Yes, I have witnessed mothers going to great lengths for their kids, and seeing the same thing again this time has definitely made people weep. I want to congratulate all mothers out there who go through such great hardships to raise and care for their children. Just so you know, no mother can be an unfit one.

Ashima Chibber is the director and The cast includes Rani Mukerji, Anirban Bhattacharya, Jim Sarbh, and Neena Gupta.

The Drawbacks Are:

Firstly, in some parts, the editing was abrupt, which caused me to feel that the flow of the movie was interrupted. For example, there was a scene in Mrs Chatterjee Vs Norway in which Rani is seen praying for her children’s well-being and suddenly, in the next scene, her kids dance, which disrupted both the flow and the essence of the movie.

In addition, Ashima Chibber should have provided more details about Velfred Agency, the childcare agency where kids are taken and kept in foster homes. I find your story incomplete, especially when it revolves around the agency. It would have been more interesting to show more about Mrs Chatterjee versus Norway.

Here’s The Story:

Mrs Chatterjee Vs Norway REVIEW Rani Heartwrenching Performance - Punjabi AddaBlog

Against the Norwegian foster care system and local legal machinery, an immigrant Indian mother fights for custody of her children.

Performances to watch:


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Her only thought is to keep her kids with her, so she doesn’t see what’s right or wrong. The performance of Rani makes you cry. She seems to know her character way too well, from showing her loving side to showing her vulnerable side. She is effortless in front of the camera, which is what makes you feel connected to her.

I relate to Rani on a lot of levels because I am also a Bengali mother. She speaks broken Hindi and English mixed with Bengali, which is the best part of her character. The way she spoke Hindi and English reminded me of my mother, who sometimes struggles to speak Hindi and English flawlessly. I also loved how she messed up the tenses and genders while speaking other languages instead of Bengali.

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She also has a Bengali accent and dialect, which enhances her character’s authenticity and rawness. There is no actress who could have done it better than Rani Mukerji. She is the heart and soul of the movie, as she wears gorgeous Bengali cotton sarees right from tant to jamdani tant sarees, maintaining the authenticity of the character.


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The role of Aniruddh Chatterjee in the film is played by Anirban Bhattacharya, who is an awful husband and father to Debika. The concern and care he showed for the kids or even his wife was nowhere to be seen, only worries about his citizenship. He is more concerned about his citizenship than his children.

There isn’t much screen time for Jim Sarbh, but the actor brings his own charm to the film. Whether it is his smirk or his concern for the mother, Jim is up to the task.


Mrs Chatterjee Vs Norway REVIEW Rani Heartwrenching Performance - Punjabiadda Blog

Ashima Chibber captured the true essence of a Bengali woman in her script. It is clear what she wants to convey, and what needs to be emphasized. Although it seems like a few pages from her script fell off when certain things weren’t shown when they needed to be. In spite of these minor shortcomings, Ashima’s story depicts the plight of a mother in a beautiful way.

According to a review of Mrs. Chatterjee Vs Norway, Rani Mukerji is the film’s heart and soul, while Jim Sarbh and Anirban Bhattacharya shine in spite of standing opposite stalwart Rani. However, the story of a mother and child is sure to make you cry.

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