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Summer High – AP Dhillon Finally Come Out With His New Video!

Summer High - AP Dhillon New Song - Punjabi Adda

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The Punjabi music industry is rising internationally like a wildfire. There are thousands and thousands of individuals throughout the globe who groove on the Punjabi beats. If you’re additionally somebody who loves and follows Punjabi songs, you have to pay attention to one name called AP Dhillon

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AP Dhillon, who is also known by this name these days, makes his fans go ‘Insane‘ on the beats of ‘Brown Munde‘. Not only this, he has taken the music industry by storm ever since his breakthrough with songs that have gone viral and can be heard on every other Instagram reel. He made everyone groove to a heartbreaking song called ‘Excuses‘, but due to its catchy beats, one can easily vibe to the same. If You are a Big Fan of Ap Dhillon Then you can buy a Brown Munde T Shirt in pure cotton. 

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To conclude, AP is going to be coming back to entertain his followers as usual. Yes, it’s the upcoming project by AP Dhillon called Summer High. It has grabbed attention and fans are excited in the comment section. From the teaser, it was unclear if it’s a single track, duet, album, or EP but we are sure that whatever it is, AP will go viral.

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AP Dhillon is the only one who can make an announcement/clear the air about the project ‘Summer High.’ Updates on this project are also scarce, but we do know that the release date is indefinite.

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Meanwhile, AP Dhillon’s song could have been playing at a gathering or over a speaker while traveling. His songs bring a lot of vibes and we hope this project will also bring in both listeners and participants. He is really popular and we hope that his upcoming project will be successful too.

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Finally, The Song Comes out. The credits show that the new Punjabi song “Summer High” was sung by AP Dhillon. The lyrics were written by Shinda Kahlon and the song was directed by Zac Fact. It was released under Run-Up Records on a label. Enjoy the video to find out more about the song.

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