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Watch This Elderly Couple How Much Excited For Their Clicked Picture

Watch This Elderly Couple How Much Excited For Their Clicked Picture - Punjabi Adda Blog

The story behind the elderly couple getting their photos clicked by a stranger is one of pure, heartwarming goodness. A video of the incident recently went viral on Instagram, showing a professional photographer, Sutej Singh Pannu, approaching the elderly couple who were lounging in the sun with teacups in their hands. The photographer asked if he could take a few clicks of the couple sitting on a cot, to which they obliged. After taking a few clicks, the photographer returned with a developed picture of the couple, which brought immense joy to them. The elderly man then asked the photographer if he could take some snaps of them standing together, to which the photographer agreed without any hesitation. He then positioned the couple in a cosy spot and took a few clicks of them. Afterward, he handed over a developed version of the photos and received blessings from the couple.

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The video of the incident quickly went viral on Instagram, garnering over 4.6 million views. People online were ecstatic after watching the video, praising the photographer for his kind gesture

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