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Why Sidhu Moose Wala Pictures Appears on Pakistani Election Campaign Posters?

Why Sidhu Moosewala Pictures on Pakistani Election Campaign Posters - Punjabi Adda

Pictures of Sidhu Moosewala on a Pakistani Election poster are doing rounds on social media. Reportedly, these pictures are from a Pakistani election campaign poster.

A picture of Sidhu Moosewala, a deceased Punjabi singer, is on an election campaign poster for Zain Qureshi. Qureshi’s father is the former Foreign Minister of Pakistan, Shah Mehmood Qureshi. Qureshi belongs to the Tehreek-e-Insaf party, led by Imran Khan. Also, you can Buy Sidhu Moose Wala T Shirt in pure cotton. 

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Why Sidhu Moosewala Pictures on Pakistani Election Campaign Posters

The poster appears to be a picture of Sidhu Moosewala with 295 written below it. This could relate to Sidhu Moosewala’s “295” socio-political commentary track which has been rampant since this young singer died.

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Zain Qureshi was asked about the use of a photo of Sidhu Moosewala that appears on their Election Campaign Poster. He claimed he has no knowledge or involvement with the poster. He added that because of the inclusion of Moosewala’s photo on the poster, it has gone viral and managed to attract people because of his picture.  

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The leading man said “they are trying to find and identify the person who made a poster that shows Sidhu Moosewala. He is one of the most loved Punjabi Singers in Pakistan, and he has a huge influence in the country.” When he was in the Dubai show he announce live concerts in Lahore and Islamabad but destiny had different.

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