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After SYL, Now Kanwar Grewal’s song ‘Rihai’ Removed From Youtube

After SYL Now Rihai Removed from Youtube - Punjabi Adda

The song ‘Rihai’ by Kanwar Grewal was removed from Youtube. When the video is opened on Youtube, it tells that the content has been removed due to legal issues with the government. This is not the first time we’ve seen this happening to Punjabi music.

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In his Rihai song, Kanwar Grewal talks about Sikh prison inmates and guarantees the release of Sikh prisoners. The song focuses on the main line “Bandi Singh’aan Di Rihai Mang Rahe Haan” which asks for the release of Sikh Prisoners.

After SYL Now Rihai Removed from Youtube

Released on Grewal’s official YouTube channel, “Rihai” gained traction quickly and had nearly 7 lakh views before being removed from the Indian domain on YouTube. The government was probably behind this decision, as the video is still available elsewhere on YouTube.

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This is not the first time we are witnessing this. Earlier, Sidhu Moosewala’sSYL’ was also banned for discussing Sikh prisoners and other subjects. A few days after it was released, the song was also removed from YouTube. The reason behind its removal is yet another legal complaint by the government.

The Sikh community has been very vocal about removing SYL and Rihai from Youtube. They are demanding an unban of the platform because they are against this removal. The Sikh Community believes that SYL and Rihai should still be available to those on Youtube.

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