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Chobbar: First Look Poster of Jayy Randhawa’s Most Awaited Punjabi Movie With Release Date

Chobbar - Jayy Randhawa most awaited movie first poster out- punjabi adda

Jayy Randhawa just released his first movie Shooter, which blew critics away with its originality and amazing plot. He is set to release his second movie Chobbar around the world in the near future.

The film is finally going to be released soon. There is a serious curiosity and anticipation among fans and cinema lovers. The first look poster has been released for a must-see Punjabi movie.

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Jayy shared the poster and release date of Chobbar with his fans on Instagram. In the poster, Jayy is wearing a heavy beard and posed on a motorbike. In the background, we can see a death’s well which is a top-rated stunt show in events and fairs in India. This Punjabi movie will hit theaters on October 21st. Also, you can buy a High-quality Pure cotton Chobbar T Shirt for Men. 

In the first look poster, there is an award for Harman Ghuman. It’s been a long time since he was seen in a Hindi film and this has made us excited. He could play a pivotal role in the movie, but nothing is certain yet.

Chobbar - Jayy Randhawa most awaited movie first poster out

This movie features the two main actors, Drishty Talwar, and other notable actors such as Honey Mattu, Sukh Chahal, Seema Kaushal, Sanju Solanki, Kavy Singh, Guri, and Pardeem Cheema.

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Maneesh Bhatt has directed Chobbar, and Dheeraj Kedarnath Rattan has written the film’s story. Jayy revealed in an exclusive conversation with Kiddaan earlier how special this film is for him. It will follow a romantic-thriller plot that entertains the fans in every way.

The makers of Chobbar are releasing more of the film on October 21, and Jayy Randhawa has a special project lined up. He’ll be taking his first lead role in the Bollywood Biopic of young gangster Durlabh Kashyap.

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