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Deep Sidhu’s Sudden Death Made his Fans Tear

Deep Sidhu’s sudden death made his fans tear - Punjabi Adda

Deep Sidhu hits deadlines due to this tearful incident. It’s so unfortunate to inform you that he met a road accident and died yesterday night.

Deep Sidhu’s sudden death made his fans tear  @Punjabiadda

It is so upsetting to know his car was hit by a truck last night on Kundli-Manesar Highway.

The news left his fans in complete shock. There is also an update about two passengers travelling in the same car. Both of them died on the spot too.

Deep Sidhu’s sudden death made his fans tear  @Punjabiadda

If we have to discuss Deep Sidhu’s career, he earned enough praise, fame, and success. He made the Punjabi industry proud of all his performances. Moreover, he entered politics and became the bold voice of all the farmers who fought for their rights.

We all know farmers’ protest 2020-21 caused commotions at intervals. He will be missed so bad, his fans said. We offer our condolences to his family and kins. 

Life is unpredictable. Hence, you must enjoy your life to the fullest. Make every day count. Always remember that you only live once.

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