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Why Babbu Maan Is Showing Support To Ongoing Farmers Protest In Netherland?

Why Babbu Maan Showing Support To Ongoing Farmers Protest In Netherland - Punjabi Adda

When the Indian farmers protested against the government’s three farm bills, the world responded with ongoing protest. The Punjab and Haryana farmers especially contributed to the maximum of the protest by uniting with the Indian artists from both Punjabi and Haryanvi music industries.

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Babbu Maan has shown support for the Dutch farmers who are protesting against the government. Farmers have been unable to sell their crops and have been angry about the lack of action from the government.

The artist Babbu Maan showed his support for the Dutch farmers by sharing a post on Instagram. He posted an inspiring quote which said, “Tu faslan nu roni a ethe ghaa nahi hona….. Ekke bin Inqlaab lea nahi hona”. We also remember Babbu Maan’s slogan which states, ‘Kisaan Majdoor Ekta Zindabaad. You can show your support by wearing this No Farmer No Foor T Shirt in Pure Cotton. 


In the Netherlands, Dutch farmers and agricultural industry workers are protesting against the government’s plan to reduce nitrogen emissions. The protesters believe that this will affect their livelihood and they are frustrated by increased regulation such as restrictions on animal rearing, fertilizer usage and air pollution. They argue that industries, building constructions and air traffic release a huge number of harmful gasses but there are no restrictions on them. Show your love to the farmer by wearing this Proud to be Farmer T Shirt in Pure Cotton. 

People all over the world are supporting this protest and the media is giving it much attention.

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