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Hollywood’s Most Anticipated Sequel Features Karan Aujla BTFU Song

Hollywood's Most Anticipated Sequel Features Karan Aujla BTFU Song - Punjabi Adda Blog

A lot of Punjabi artists have made their name in Bollywood, Hollywood, and around the world after they expanded their wings. Isn’t it amazing to see the Punjabi industry grow and shine in the world? And one of the artists who has already won many notable awards has added another to his tally.

Don’t Worry‘ singer Geet’an Di Machine Karan Aujla has already carved a name for himself in everyone’s hearts and headlines, but now one of his most loved songs has been featured in a Hollywood movie.

Karan Aujla BTFU Song - Punjabi Adda Blog

You read that right. In a clip shared by director Rupan Bal, he shows a scene from Murder Mystery 2. It shows Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler getting a phone call from an Indian man named Maharaja. Karan Aujla’s Click That B Kickin It played during that call.


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Despite the fact that Murder Mystery 2 has been one of Netflix’s most anticipated sequels, Karan Aujla’s song in the film is the bullseye for all Punjabi fans who are sharing the clip on social media.

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A recent statement by Karan Aujla indicates that he ended his feud with Sidhu Moose Wala before his death. The two have resolved everything, and Sidhu’s father has been informed. Even he confessed and expressed that he is like a son of Sidhu’s parents and that they can share and ask anything from him at any time. His confession has touched everyone’s heart, and his fans love him even more.

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