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Is MC Stan Collaborating With Karan Aujla For A Song?

Is MC Stan Collaborating With Karan Aujla For A Song - Punjabi Adda Blog

MC Stan, the Bigg Boss 16 winner who has displayed a trophy in his room, has again grabbed all the headlines by winning a new award from GQ and becoming ‘The Most Influential Young Indian’.

The rapper has dropped many songs that are loved by the audience. Not only that, but Punjabi singer Karan Aujla also seems to be a fan of MC Stan. He is doing everything he can to make a special place in everyone’s heart. This was evident on Bigg Boss 16. Karan Aujla also encouraged his fans to support MC Stan and to never miss an opportunity to extend his love and best wishes to him.

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However, now great news about both artists is circulating the internet. It has been reported that fans of Karan and MC will soon be able to see their collaboration. GQ has published an article where it has been written, ‘MC Stan has been on the road since, touring internationally with the Basti Ka Hasti Tour, collaborating with DIVINE, Badshah, and Karan Aujla, and preparing for a new experimental album.’

Is MC Stan Collaborating With Karan Aujla For A Song - Punjabiadda Blog

A collaboration between the two popular artists is in the works, and adding to the excitement, Stan will also collaborate with Badshah and Divine. Moreover, the rapper is preparing for a new album.

Now that fans have a bundle of information about his upcoming projects, they are demanding official details. Till then, watch the previous video of Karan Aujla supporting MC Stan.

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