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Geeta Gurjar Famous Youtuber Promotes Sab Gazab T Shirt Customised By Punjabi Adda

Geeta Gurjar Famous Youtuber Promotes Sab Gazab T Shirt By Punjabi Adda

The Geeta Gurjar a famous and trending youtuber with 1.09 crore subscribers, has recently purchase the customized “Sab Gazab” song-printed t-shirts from the brand named Punjabi Adda. Punjabi Adda is famous for their punjabi and customised printed t-shirts. Geeta Gurjar advertised customized t-shirts with the Sab Gazab slogan by Punjabi Adda. This Sab Gazab printed t-shirts are available in all sizes from S to 5xl for both men and women. This t-shirt is the epitome of comfort and fashion. It has a pleasant feel and is lightweight, providing full stretch. Sab Gazab t-shirts are the perfect assortment to add to your wardrobe because they can be dressed up or down and never go out of style.

The relaxed fit and comfort of the T-shirt make it appropriate for any situation. Any bottoms and a few accessories may be worn with this ensemble for any event or activity. With their unique design and message, these t-shirts are the finest for the summer since they give you a cool, cozy, and fashionable look.


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You can also add it to your basket in a variety of sizes and colors. Navy Blue, Black, Red, White, Olive Green, Asphalt, Maroon, Pale Yellow, Teal, Royal Blue, and Grey are the available hues. Additionally, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, and 5XL sizes are offered. The item has side seams and is constructed of 100% cotton fabric. Its half sleeves and round neck collar make it perfect for summer.

Punjabi Adda - T Shirts, Hoodies, Sweatshirts, Joggers, Crop Top

Punjabi Adda has a very good collection of both regular fit and oversized fit printed t-shirts with too many colors and size options available. Apart from the t-shirts Punjabi Adda also deals in Joggers and Hoodies and recently they launched the crop t-shirts for women category.

Punjabi Adda also has a special latest trending collection of t-shirts like:

Oversized T Shirts - Punjabi Adda

Don’t Mess With Me oversized T-shirts: The “Don’t Mess With Me” oversized t-shirts have a strong, edgy motto that conveys confidence and aggression. These t-shirts are intended to stand out and exude a confident attitude. The roomy fit gives the t-shirt a hint of comfort and informal style, making it a popular option for people who like to seem put-together but relaxed. The design may use eye-catching images, strong typography, or other components that improve the t-shirt’s general attitude.

Gangster T Shirt - Punjabi Adda

Gangster Paradise oversized T shirt: The “Gangster Paradise” oversized t-shirts are inspired by hip-hop style and urban street culture. These t-shirts frequently contain allusions to gangster films, rap lyrics, or well-known images of the urban way of life. The t-shirt has a streetwear vibe thanks to the roomy fit, which also gives it an air of coolness. To convey the spirit of the gangster paradise concept, the designs may make use of graphically striking motifs, vintage components, or artwork that is influenced by graffiti.

There are other themed t-shirts available on the website of the Punjabi Adda.

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