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Karan Aujla Issues Statement After His Name Linked With Sharpy Ghuman Arrest By AGTF Staff

Karan Aujla, a popular Punjabi singer who has been consistently making news, has once again made headlines. A video has been circulating on social media, showing him and Sharry Maan attending a wedding where a person associated with the murder of Sidhu Moose Wala was reportedly present.

Following the video’s circulation on the internet, both singers issued clarifications. Furthermore, Sharpy Ghuman, who appeared in Aujla’s video, was arrested by the Anti-Gangster Task Force (AGTF) of Punjab. Along with Ghuman, two of his associates, Omkar Singh and Prabhjot Singh, were also arrested for facilitating gangsters’ international travel using fraudulent passports. Karan Aujla is upset that his name has been linked to Sharpy’s activities.

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The artist took to his Instagram handle to address the rumors in a detailed statement:

Karan Aujla Issues Statement After His Name Linked With Sharpy Ghuman Arrest By AGTF Staff - punjabiadda blog

In his statement, he expressed, “I feel it’s essential to address certain things in a timely manner to those who care for and support me. When the initial video surfaced (pertaining to the event), I provided comprehensive clarifications. However, I recently came across a video titled ‘Aujla’s friend arrested.’ If someone is my friend and engages in wrongdoing, why should I bear the consequences? Why is my name always linked to such incidents? Am I the only friend they have? We might not have even spoken in two years.”

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Karan Aujla has reiterated that he has faced similar allegations in the past. He further noted that media channels often bring up the names of various artists, putting their lives at risk. He stated that artists strive hard to entertain their audience, yet sometimes, one has to die to prove their worth. Fans have shared his post and commended the artist for standing up and clarifying everything.

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He went on to say, “Please refrain from associating my name with anyone else. I am simply working hard and trying to survive, just like any other artist. I have been targeted for extortion four times and my house has been fired upon five times. But why hasn’t any news channel reported on the injustices I have faced? I urge the media to avoid dragging my name into any controversy without proof or information, merely to tarnish my reputation. If this happens, I will take legal action, and my legal team is already working on it.”

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