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Raftaar Takes On Honey Singh, Criticizes His New Song ‘Naagan’ On Instagram Stories

Raftaar Takes On Honey Singh, Criticizes His New Song 'Naagan' On Instagram Stories - Punjabi Adda Blog

Although the glamour industry appears dazzling from the outside, there are hidden dark secrets that exist within it. Despite its ability to make people famous, this industry has a flip side that breeds ego and competition, often leading to disputes. Many celebrities have lost their temper and shown their anger towards others. One such dispute involves well-known rappers Honey Singh, Raftaar, and Badshah, who were once close friends.

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It is common knowledge that Raftaar and Badshah have been at odds with Honey Singh for quite some time now. Recently, Raftaar took indirect jabs at Honey Singh on his Instagram stories by criticizing his newly released song, “Naagan.” Raftaar called out the song for being inappropriate for families and for showcasing nudity in the video. In his critique, he wrote, “This month, a big commercial song has been released that is supposed to be family-friendly, fully clothed, and promoted by big banners. #NONUDITY #unglikarogehaathdunga.”

Raftaar Takes On Honey Singh - Punjabi Adda Blog

Furthermore, Raftaar also took aim at Honey Singh’s remarks regarding anxiety and depression, which he referred to as a common cold in an interview with Pune Times Mirror. Raftaar responded by saying, “Listen to your own artist’s interviews. That’s what he said. Anxiety and depression are like a common cold. You should drink alcohol to deal with it. It’s like the blind leading the blind.”

Raftaar Takes On Honey Singh, Criticizes His New Song 'Naagan' On Instagram Stories - Punjabiadda Blog

Raftaar asserted that Honey Singh never credited him and Badshah for the songs “Dope Shope” and “Dhup Chik” from the movie Fugly, even though they collaborated on writing and composing the songs. Similarly, Badshah claimed in an interview that he did not receive the proper credit for his work on the song “Get Up Jawani,” for which he invested around 5-6 lakhs. These factors led to Raftaar and Badshah’s departure from the group “Mafia Mundeer” in 2012, despite their previous close friendship.

In a recent interview with Raj Shamani, Honey Singh discussed the origins of the group Mafia Mundeer. He explained that the group was not intended to be a band, but rather a platform that he created. Honey Singh also revealed the ideology behind the group’s name. He went on to say that those who currently claim to be part of Mafia Mundeer were never actually members.

Regarding Honey’s response to Raftaar’s Instagram stories, he has remained silent and has not reacted to them yet. Everyone is eagerly waiting to see how Honey will respond, whether he will continue to stay silent or choose to retaliate against Raftaar.

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