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How Did Sourav Joshi Become India’s No.1 Youtuber?

How Did Sourav Joshi Become India's No.1 Youtuber - Punjabi Adda Blog

Sourav Joshi is a rapidly emerging Indian YouTuber; a social media influencer, sketch artist, and at present India’s top-ranked vlogger. Despite his youthfulness, he ranks among the wealthiest YouTubers in India. He has been able to accumulate an extensive admirer base of both kids and adults. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that he is a prospective Indian luminary. His YouTube journey started with Sourav Joshi Arts as an art channel, followed by creating lifestyle vlogs on his other platform which has now become his hallmark. The story of Sourav becoming India’s eminent YouTube vlogger is motivating indeed.

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sourav joshi vlogs - Punjabi Adda Blog

A Brief Biography

Sourav Joshi was born in Haldwani on September 8th, 1999 in the small village of Dehradun district, Uttarakhand. His parents are Harinder and Hema Joshi, and his brother is Sahil. Due to financial struggles, his father had to move around in pursuit of a stable job, leading to Sourav having to change schools five times before completing his 12th standard. Most of his schooling took place in Hisar, Haryana. He then earned a Bachelor’s degree in fine arts from the Punjab group of colleges. Being an intelligent student, Sourav initially envisioned joining IIT but poor performance in the 12th board exams prompted him to alter this plan.

What Made Become India’s Number One Youtuber?

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Before youtube, Sourav Joshi had been showcasing his artwork on Facebook. On the 24th of July 2017, he made his debut on YouTube with a video titled ‘Drawing 2000 Note By color pencils’. After numerous attempts to come up with a suitable name for his channel, he eventually settled for Saurav Joshi Arts. Despite uploading 250-300 videos, he only managed to garner 3-4k subscribers. Subsequently, he started to sketch famous personalities from time to time and some of his videos went viral in response to the requests of viewers. His proficiency increased over time as he created tutorial videos as well.

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Afterward, he started uploading family vlogs to another channel. It didn’t get monetized because of address problems, so he started another channel that faced the same problem. However, he didn’t give up, he started another channel that finally was monetized. His art channel grew faster, but this channel did not.

sourav joshi - Punjabi Adda Blog

The Indian government enacted a nationwide lockdown on 24th March 2020 which Sourav Joshi took full advantage of. With a target of 365 vlogs in 365 days, his video went viral within hours of it uploading to YouTube and he was flooded with subscribers. On 26th June 2021, he emerged as India’s number one vlogger due to the way he authentically interacts with his family and friends in his vlogs – something much-needed during the pandemic. He remains consistent with at least one upload per day.

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In his childhood, he was so timorous that he avoided meeting his relatives. He was so much shy in his childhood.

Sourav acknowledges that he was truly inspired by Sandeep Maheshwari, who is a role model and entrepreneur who genuinely helped him get out there and be confident.

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sourav joshi vlogs - Punjabiaddablog

What He Achieve 

  • Sourav is 21 years old and earning millions, so he owns many luxurious cars.
  • On YouTube, he has a record of 365 days of 365 trending videos.
  • As a result of the lockdown, his channel was the fastest-growing YouTube channel, averaging 1 million views per day.
  • In terms of subscribers, he surpassed popular YouTubers like flying beast and Mumbaikar Nikhil.
  • In August 2021, he made his debut with a music video called Mauja.
  • His charismatic vlogs continue to attract many viewers, and as of November 2022, he has 20.3 million subscribers and 3.9 million subscribers on his art channel. During October 2021, he had around 9 million subscribers, and now he has doubled that number!

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He is now in a position to sustainably meet the monetary requirements of his beloved family and has recently purchased a brand new house as well as a luxurious car, impacting his life hugely. At such a young age he has been able to give back all the help that his family offered him growing up, particularly because they came from a lower middle-class background. For what he has accomplished, he should be proud of himself.

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sourav joshi vlogs - punjabiadda blog

Additionally, his songwriting skills and undeniable talent have earned him spots in several music videos including “Mujhe Pyaar Ho Gaya Hain“, “Tera Ho Raha Hoon“, and “Manzoore Nazar”, released under the label ”. Despite this success and fame, he remains humble.

sourav joshi - Punjabiaddablog

What made Sourav Joshi’s Vlogs Popular?

The Indian government enacted a nationwide lockdown on 24th March 2020 which Sourav took full advantage and his viewers increased very fast.

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