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Karan Aujla Revealed The First Look Of His Upcoming EP – Four You

karan Aujla New EP - Punjabi Adda

With his songs like Don’t Worry, Don’t Look, Jhanjrar, Chitta Kurta, Hint, White Brown Black, Gangsta, and many more, Karan Aujla is once again ready to break into the music charts. Karan Aujla released his upcoming EP poster on the occasion of his birthday as promised.


Geetan Di Machine has certainly lived up to his name. The title of the EP is ‘Four You‘ and has an enchanting poster, featuring a childhood picture of the artist. We can speculate that Karan will be opening up about his personal life in this EP. The title may suggest that it is a romantic tape, but only concrete details can confirm what it really contains. Moreover, the EP is scheduled to be released by February and consists of four songs.

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As shown by the poster, the music has been provided by Ikky. Yes, fans’ requests have been fulfilled with this collaboration. Meanwhile, Four You will be released by Sandeep Rehaan and Karan Aujla.

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In the first EP Way Ahead, Karan Aujla turned many tables around and now fans are hoping for the same in the second EP Four You. The fact that Karan Aujla has set such high standards for himself means that fans expect the best.

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