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Pakistani Actor Yasir Hussain Trolls Shah Rukh Khan Pathaan Calls A ‘Storyless Video Game’!

Pakistani Actor Yasir Hussain Trolls Shah Rukh Khan Pathaan Calls A 'Storyless Video Game'! - Punjabi Adda Blog

Audience across the globe was eager to welcome Shah Rukh Khan back to the big screen with his latest action-packed film ‘Pathan’. Siddharth Anand’s direction certainly had fans from all corners of the world abuzz with excitement. With its tremendous box office collection, it is clear that ‘Pathan’ was well-received by many. Unfortunately, Yasir Hussain from Pakistan decided to taunt King Khan’s movie and poke fun at it despite ruling for more than 50 days in theaters. He did not seem to like the flick that illustrated kingship for fans around the world.

‘Pathan’, the spy thriller film, has taken the country and world by storm with its grand release. Despite being liked by all, it has had to suffer some trolling. People have voiced their differing opinions about its action, story and even Yasir Hussain, who plays a Pakistani actor in it. In fact, recently an actor from a neighboring country expressed his views on this star-studded film calling it nothing more than a video game while taking a potshot at ‘Pathan’.

Yasir Hussain voiced his opinion on ‘Pathan’ via his social media account, calling it a storyless video game when juxtaposed to Mission Impossible. The post on Instagram attracted mixed reactions from the Indian fan following of Shahrukh Khan, though no official comments have come forth yet. We can only imagine the outrage that SRK’s followers will have after hearing this review.

The film ‘Pathan’ has recently entered OTT after breaking several box office records and earning over Rs 1000 crore worldwide. Streaming on Amazon Prime Video, the film was released with deleted scenes for the OTT platform. Shah Rukh Khan fans are ecstatic after watching the film on Prime and are demanding that it be re-released.

While the fans are loving the film so much, a review such as this by Yasir Hussain only makes them go berserk. Nevertheless, you may wonder who Yasir Hussain is after all? Let us tell you, Yasir Hussain is a Pakistani actor and screenwriter, best known for his comic roles in Pakistani films. In addition to working in films, Yasir Hussain hosts the television show ‘After the Moon’.

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